The first BioEcoTech™ plant was built in Sweden in 1977 and is still in operation. Water plants have been built, documented and verified in Scandinavia, Switzerland, Slovakia and Austria


BioEcoTech™ is a natural biological water purification process utilizing semi-aerobic microbes, a natural component of the soil. The only element that is inserted into the system is oxygen (ambient air).


BioEcoTech™ does not use any chemicals in its purification process. What takes at least 100 years in nature, BioEcoTech™ is able to captivate and accelerate in only a matter of days.


There are various sizes of BioEcoTech™ installations meeting your needs.

The largest installation, in the Slovakian capital Bratislava, distributes clean water to 300,000 people every day.


The BioEcoTech is highly energy efficient with low operation costs, enabling the purification of all the key contaminates in groundwater such as iron, manganese, nitrate and arsenic.

A UNIQUE SOLUTION to a global challenge


  • The purification process naturally enhances microbial oxidation underground

  • Environmentally clean (no chemicals, no sludge or other residues, no back-flush water needed)

  • Energy efficient / low operation and maintenance costs.

  • Proven and reliable system

  • Lifespan costs are 5-15 times lower than conventional chemical technologies

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