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BioGreen™ Pesticides

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The BioGreen™ P has been developed and engineered in Switzerland at a test facility  in the canton of Luzern with test-results being verified by SGS, a Swiss world renowned laboratory.


The BioGreen™ P does not use any chemicals in the purification process but our unique active coal filter material, PestiClean™.

The filter material only needs replacing on an annual basis, taken care of by UWI service engineers.


The BioGreen™ P does not generate any back-wash, hence no loss of water and the energy consumption is just a fraction of that of e.g. Reverse Osmosis.


The BioGreen™ P can purify 100 up to 2'500 m3 water every 24 hours with the possibility to position several system in parallel purifying even larger volumes.


United Waters offers a service agreement guaranteeing the delivery of clean drinking water where all upfront investments costs as well as installation and O&M costs are covered by UWI.

A UNIQUE SOLUTION to remove pesticides including Chlorothalonil

  • The BioGreen™ P system is delivered in a 10, 20 or 40 feet container (depending on purification volumes) and is operational within hours after installation as a "Plug-n-Play"

  • The maintenance and service of the system is being carried out by United Waters according to a rental/service agreement, no up-front investment costs required.

  • The BioGreen™ P is extremely energy efficient consuming a fraction of the energy required for e.g. reverse osmosis.

  • The BioGreen™ P effectively removes Chlorothalonil R417888 and R419492 with up to 99% according to recent test-results.

  • The BioGreen™ P also removes other pesticides and pharmaceutic metabolites.

BioGreen P.png
Bio Green P.png

Download the BioGreen™ P datasheet (PDF)


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