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Dobila, West Bengal

BioGreen™ reducing arsenic-levels 28-times!

According to the Indian State Minister of Public Health Engineering (PHE), West Bengal has the highest number of arsenic-affected people in the country.


In December 2018, United Waters  completed an installation of the BioGreen™ system in Dobila, West Bengal. Test results shows that the arsenic-levels in the drinking water has been reduced 28-times and iron-levels 48-times which is 5 and 6 times better than the UN recommended level respectively.


As a result, the life of thousands  of villagers has been changed, providing them with healthy, clean and biological drinking water!


Water plant in operation since 1977 - earlier technology development

The water plant outside the city of Nyköping, 100 km south of Stockholm has a production rate of 17,000 m³ per day (5,5 million m³ per annum). The plant was built in two stages; the original plant was set up in 1977 and then expanded in 1993.

The BioEcoTech® plant is dimensioned to last for a minimum 100 years, ensuring consistent  removal of heavy metals from the groundwater before the water reaches the production well without any clogging of the wells. The potable water is withdrawn from a depth of 30 meters and ready for distribution to the end consumers.

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